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Stepp West is a Rustic Home Decor store and Clothing Boutique. Located on Hwy 69/75 and South Service Road in Calera, Oklahoma. We feature leather and cowhide home accessories, clothing and shoes for the young or experienced, as well as a large selection of purses and bags in all sizes. Make your outfit shine with our authentic Native American turquoise or opt for our budget friendly and trendy lines. We are known for our HUGE selection of metal art to accent your home inside or out! So Stepp West for all your rustic needs!

Womens Apparel

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It's Rodeo Time Ol' Son! Grab your Dale Wear and grab holt cause we're Ridin' Bulls and Punchin' Fools! On to the Next One!


Authentic Native American Turquoise and Budget Friendly Accessories


Trendy and stylish clothing to fit everyone's budget! We offer quality pieces to fit any lifestyle or event.