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$ 39.95

Genuine Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Cross Earrings in Sterling Silver, Native American Handmade in the USA

Your western boho look will be complete with these lovely handmade Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Cross Earrings! These precious earrings are 22mm (0.87" inches) and features 5 Sleeping Beauty Turquoise stones.

NOT A TREND: We are proud to say that every detail of these earrings was completely handmade by Native American artists using the same techniques pioneered by their ancestors almost 200 years ago.

THE REAL DEAL: Our pieces are Solid Sterling Silver and completely nickle-free. Our stones are natural and will retain their beautiful color forever. Mined in Globe, AZ, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is known for its beautiful sky blue color. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise typically has very little to no veining in the stone. The stone is named after the mountain where it is mined which resembles a sleeping woman. The Sleeping Beauty mine closed permanently in 2012.